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Teen Therapy

Is your teenager struggling at home, at school, or with friends?


Are you concerned with your teen’s lack of communication or defiant behavior? 

Has your teen recently experienced a difficult transition such as divorce, moving, or social/school changes? 

Does it feel like no matter how hard you try, you don’t know how to help them anymore? 

The teenage years is an exciting time for growth.  It can also be challenging to navigate, not only for the teen, but for the entire family.  I help teens struggling with a multitude of concerns, including depression, anxiety, peer issues, school struggles, family conflict, low self-esteem, stress, trauma, navigating identity, and many more.  

For much of my career I have focused on providing therapy to adolescents in various settings including groups and individual settings, schools, community, juvenile justice and foster care programs.  This experience has given me exposure to the unique challenges of adolescence.  


Key areas where I can help: 

  • Provide strategies to reduce anxiety, depression, hopelessness, or self-doubt

  • Motivate your teen to find safe and healthy coping skills 

  • Guide your teen in learning how to manage anger or control impulsive behavior 

  • Help your teen learn how to express him/herself appropriately and improve communication 

  • Support your teen in learning how to manage difficult changes in the family and the community 

  • Help your teen cope with grief and/or a traumatic event 

  • Assist your teen in exploring their identity to help improve self-esteem and greater self-acceptance 

  • Provide a space for your teen to sort through his/her feelings, values and goals 


What to Expect

When working with a teen, I also value the family in their care.  Therefore, I may have you and your child together in sessions from time to time.  The sessions vary depending on the focus of therapy and the needs of your teen.  My priority is to make sure that the teen has a confidential space to discuss his/her thoughts, feelings and issues, while also supporting parents to facilitate the work at home.  

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