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Orange Blossom

Are you ready to .... 

Break destructive patterns and work towards healthy relationships? 

Cultivate greater self-awareness of the unconscious dynamic that is running your life?


Reclaim your power and heal your whole self so you can live a life of vitality and purpose?  

An Integrative and Holistic Approach 

Our symptoms are rarely the result of a single cause. Untreated trauma, chronic stress, and adverse life experiences linger in our systems that can contribute to anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder and other forms of mental health challenges. These symptoms can worsen over time, affecting relationships, physical health, work, and one's own identity and self-esteem. 

Healing the Underlining Root Cause  

In sessions, you'll develop a deeper understanding of yourself; uncovering hidden beliefs, unconscious patterns, implicit memories and body states that are contributing to the challenges.  A holistic framework helps makes sense of these symptoms and brings new understanding to painful problems and stuck patterns. It points a way forward towards symptom relief that is both empowering and healing.  With curiosity, support and compassion, we will work together to help you resolve these deeper issues in order to create wholeness within the body and a foundation for lasting wellness.

You will learn how to ....


Apply techniques for self regulation

Identify and work with your triggers

Develop more self-compassion

Break free from generational patterns 

Experience safety within yourself

Discover the wisdom in your story

Experience freedom from reactivity

Reconnect to your true authentic self 

Celebrate the possibility that lies within you


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