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Orange Blossom

Mind - Body - Spirit

For challenges related to: 




Life Transitions

Stressors and Life Chaos 

Overwhelming Emotions 

Concentration/Focus Challenges

Relationship Problems  

Attachment Injuries

Low Self-Esteem 



Women's Issues 

Why an integrative holistic approach? 


Our symptoms are rarely the result of a single cause.  Untreated trauma, chronic stress, and adverse life experiences linger in our systems that can contribute to mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder and other conditions. Nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle imbalances can create a host of issues including physical tension, inflammation, insomnia and an array of other challenges. These symptoms can worsen over time, affecting relationships, physical health, work, and one's own identity and self-esteem. 


In sessions, you'll develop a deeper understanding of yourself, unveiling unconscious patterns, hidden beliefs, implicit memories and body states that are contributing to the challenges.  A holistic framework helps makes sense of these symptoms and brings new understanding to painful problems and stuck patterns. It points a way forward towards symptom relief that is both empowering and healing. 


With support and compassion, I utilize an integrative approach to help you resolve these deeper issues in order to create wholeness within the body and a foundation for lasting wellness. 

Areas that are assessed during treatment include: 

Family of Origin 

Generational Patterns 

Environmental Stressors  


Sleep Patterns 



Women's Hormonal Cycle

Mind-Body Connection 



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